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From Design and Build to Fully Managed Services, LeadCroc Has you Covered

We dont just build your websites, we manage your Ad Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Hosting Management, in house Marketing and even Email Marketing.

Our Main Services

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WordPress Web Design

Want a Website but dont know where to start? Let LeadCroc design and develop your website in WordPress.

Onsite and Offsite SEO

There are two reasons why we are one of the best SEO Web Design Firms in the country; experience and attention to detail.

Graphic Design

LeadCroc is an experienced design agency offering a diverse array of graphic design services for businesses of all sizes.

Marketing Consulting

From Email Marketing to Google AdWords, LeadCroc is a Google Partner helping you increase results for all your marketing needs

Fully Managed Hosting

LeadCroc and its sister company Boca Hosting have been hosting and managing websites on the internet since 1992

Server Management

Have a web hosting server that you need help managing or working with? Let LeadCroc take manage that server for you.

Want To Rank Higher on Google?

Contact LeadCroc today so that we can grow your onsite and offsite SEO to help your website rank higher on the search engines within weeks!

LeadCroc's Motto Is Simple

We help you to reach Your Highest Rank

The LeadCroc strategy is Simple.

So you want to do SEO for your Website but dont know where to start? Before you do, know that Search Engine Optimization should be carried out in a thoroughly researched, carefully planned, and highly structured manner.

Furthermore, performing SEO on your company’s web presence has the potential to significantly affect that business’ visibility in the search engines, and can have a major impact in their e-commerce sales or online lead generation.

LeadCroc and Its team are fully certified Google Partners that can help your Search Engine Optimization campaign perform at its highest potential. We also use very powerful paid tools to help your website rank higher faster. 

Other Marketing Strategies and Services LeadCroc Covers

Contact LeadCroc today so that we can grow your onsite and offsite SEO to help your website rank higher on the search engines within weeks!


Targeted Email Marketing for your business. We give you access to 150+ Million Consumer Records and 30+ Million Business Records with over 500 custom filters.


Incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. Encompassing the advertisements that we see and hear every day.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation process is simple. We get the target to raise their hand with interest making contact, and pass off to our clients.

WordPress Migrations
and Recreations

Need Your WordPress site migrated or converted from a third party builder like Squaresape or Wix. LeadCroc can rebuild them into a WordPress Site with Ease.

Dedicated Clients of LeadCroc

LeadCroc Has been serving Its Clients for Many Years, Here are some Happy Customers

Cheddar Capital

For Over 4 Years, LeadCroc has been working with this small to large Business Lender developing and building their website and CRM system to manage all their business that need loans. LeadCroc helped build the complex website application that passes over 100+ full business loan applications daily and directs it into their private CRM system that LeadCroc had a small helping hand in building. Cheddar Capital also relies on LeadCroc for their Onsite and Offsite SEO that ranks their business loan company in a top position locally as well as fully manages their VPS Server.

David Stern Jewelers

For Over 7 Years, LeadCroc has been working with the luxury Jewelry Store, helping them design and develop their website. Manage their Google AdWords and Google Listings as well has growing their SEO Strategy to be ranked one of the highest Jewelry Stores in the South Florida Area. We also fully manage and have built a custom AWS Server for David Stern Jewelers E-Commerce website to operate on. David Stern Jewelers has over 2700 Keywords ranking on the first page of Google and an additional 2250 Keywords on the first 3 pages.

Ovlo Eats Group

For Over 3.5 Years, LeadCroc has been working with this small restaurant group. What started out as an SEO contract has turned into alot more, as LeadCroc has taken over the full web development of the 1 main restaurant and the 2 Virtual Restaurants. LeadCroc also fully manages the Google AdWords as well as fully manages the server running the three restaurant sites and making sure that they rank the highest in the area that they are located, with over 500 Keywords ranking them in the first 3 positions on Google.

Gruppo Italia

For Over 3 Years, LeadCroc has been working with this manufacturer and interior designer. LeadCroc started working with this exclusive interior designer building a website which has turned into a multiple website contract. LeadCroc and Gruppo Italia have partnered together to also provide in house IT Work like building a VPN and Private Cloud as well a building a start of the art manufacturing CRM system to help streamline her manufacturing process. We also handle the website hosting and server management for them as well as email management.

Core Home Security & Affilates

For Over 10 Years, LeadCroc has been working for Core Home Security by designing and developing their multiple different websites, growing their online presence, managing their servers and databases. LeadCroc has also managed there web hosting server on an AWS Platform so that Core Home Security is Online 24/7 for all of their customers needs. Core Home Security relies on LeadCroc to make sure that their online and up to date with their SEO month after month. Leadcroc fully manages Core Home Securities Email system and all the online forms and tools that work with their custom built CRM.

Clear Media

For Over 9 Years, LeadCroc has been working with another agency providing all the web development and server management. As a partner of LeadCroc, Clear Media is also a split partner in the hosting company where we provide simple WP website hosting for the everyday business. LeadCroc also helps Clear Media with all their Google AdWords campaigns as well as their onsite and offsite SEO so that Clear Media's clients rank the highest they can as well. LeadCroc works with agencies providing the best pass through services to help agencies grow.

LeadCroc's Main Objective

Get More Traffic on Your Website

At LeadCroc we focus of getting your main listing ranking higher first. Then we work on getting each page ranking higher until all your pages have the highest ranking possible.

​What Client Says


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